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As a business that was bred through catering to our family and Church’s needs, we recognize how special these events are and we promise the absolute best product


Let our family cater to your Family’s videographic needs. We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable prices with the best finished product. We work with you to find the best price for your needs. 

We capture the elegance of a large wedding with hundreds of family members involved. We capture the simplistic beauty of a few good friends and immediate relatives and everything in between. Capture the accomplishment of anniversaries and open houses, the celebration of birthdays, the unmatched feeling of having the entire family in one place at one time. Even if no one is tying the knot, we will work with you to capture the moment you and your family will cherish for the rest of your lives and edit it with a masterful touch. 


Brooksie Russ (on the right) was not only the matriarch of the family but a breathing example of sacrifice for family. Loosing her husband while she still had 2 young children, she never wavered in her sacrificed. When extended family needed food, shelter or a shoulder to cry on, Brooksie never turned them away, even raising her two younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. Her home would shelter up to 8 family members at once but she never complained. Providing a steady home for her son (Bruce Russ) and daughter (Sandra Russ) was not easy and her two children learned to work early to chip in on the expenses of life as well as share a hand in helping to watch their younger
family members. 

In her later years when her children had families of their own, she still played a vital roll by offering the same qualities that have often gone under appreciated in today's society. Food, Shelter and a shoulder to cry on. She sold her home and moved in with her daughter where she would help raise all 6 of her grand children, her younger cousins, nieces, nephews and extended family. 


She served for over 50 years at Mt.Olive Institutional Missionary baptist church in several ministries until her health prevented her from regularly attending. Our entire family was and is linked to the church thanks to her sacrifices. When she became too ill to attend, Me (Adaryll) and my mother (Sandra) decided we would not let her ailments stop her from seeing service and we started to record (video and audio) and photograph services each week. We learned that giving them to her as one long video was too much trouble for her to stay awake for. We then learned to edit . We had already started to share our video/audio with the church and its members in cassette, VHS and then CD/DVD forms. We even became so adept with editing that we learned to use the graphics we developed during editing on print materials. Before we knew it, a full blown ministry developed and we would start to get outside request for filming of different events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events etc. In 2015, I decided to take our experience earned in ministry and passion into a full business outside of the church. In the same year wife officially joined when she decided to whole heatedly pursue her passion of photography. Now even my oldest son has joined us for several events, studying the craft and plans to someday own and operate it himself. 

If you decide to do business with us, you are not just considered a client but a part of our family and we will do all we can to make you feel as such in honor of the late Brooksie Russ who's love and sacrifice allowed for me and my family to pursue our dreams. It is our prayer that, that same love and sacrifice is expressed in our services we provide and helps build this business for generations to come.

Humble Beginnings

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